Set up a blog

You'll be able to set up your own blog and initiate making money. You can get the entire thing set up in about Less than six minutes, no joke. Accomplish the following and you are along: go to blogger therefore the system will ask you for the blog title and after that a blog address or URL. Looking for a URL that is not taken is among the most only delay you are going to run into.

wordpress blog setup

b. If you enter the URL you choose you then click on the availability hyperlink along with the system will either point out that URL is available or it's consumed which case you have to search for another one which has not been selected yet. There'll be a little security coded lettering you will need to enter and then select the continue key.

c. Isn't it about time to chose the template you want for your blog. It will give you several designs available. Don't worry if you convince you about a particular template since you always go back and change it later even though you have posted some content. You may even change it right then if you love.

d. After you select your template you happen to be up and running and ready to go along with your first post. There are many of features and extras that could be added to your blog. By way of example Google adsense. These are ads put on your blog by Google that happen to be consistent with the material you might have written in your blog.

In case you write about setting inside them for hours goals your ads from Google will likely be about goals and the like and so forth. Also tend not to click on your own ads or Google will kick you of the program. This is why you make money when people visit your blog and click on your ads. Again remember to not click on your individual ads because Google know and you will be banned from participating.

Set up a blog

You might let others are aware that use your computer. To ensure you to see all the features that could be added go to the blogger logo inside upper left hand corner and click on it. Now visit Layout and then visit, "Add a page element which will show every feature that could be added.


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